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Studio XOXO! Founder/Chief Design Officer Cleve Wycoff has been a lover and advocate of African American dolls for many years in the Fashion Doll Collector Community. In the mid 90s-2000s Cleve spearheaded many email writing campaigns to makers of mass market fashion dolls advocating for more diversity and design improvements for African American/Afro-Latin /ethnically mixed dolls.

He began to feel frustrated with a number of doll makers that seemed resistant to the countless Collectors asking for more authenticity and attention to detail in the African American dolls being offered. Many of the themes and fashion designs seemed "out of touch" with what he knew to be modern African American Culture and style. The Adult Doll Collector market needed a shake up and Cleve stepped up to the challenge. In 2017 he made the decision to redirect his efforts to improve the African American Doll Market by forming his own company Studio XOXO! in Las Vegas, Nevada, The company is the first of its kind in Vegas focusing on High-end Collector level offerings of African American/Afro-Latin/ethnically mixed dolls.

"It's not enough to just make more black dolls" says Cleve when asked why Studio XOXO! is important to today's doll market. "There's a number of toy makers addressing the need for diversity in retail space dolls aimed at children and they are doing a great job of providing things for kids. However, the Adult Collector market is suffering as they are forced to make due with lower quality in the dolls and doll clothes suitable for an 8 year old. I'm raising the bar and creating brands with details and materials the Adult Market can appreciate."Cleve's vision also includes collaborations with music artists, actors, and beauty/ fashion influencers within Urban Culture to create doll lines that reflect real people.

"I want to celebrate the Hip Hop legends, Models, Actors/Actresses that never had the chance to be celebrated by other doll companies. Studio XOXO! will work to expand their brand image in doll form"

Studio XOXO! celebrates it's launch with the first of their offerings Social Life Doll, a line of 16.75" high quality resin Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD). "I wanted to create a resin BJD that's curvier and more authentic in the way of facial features. There are so few ethnic Fashion BJDs on the market especially from an African American designer. I wanted to bring a br
eath of fresh air to the art form with Social Life Doll."

The second of Studio XOXO! lines, the 12" seamless silicone body doll line SHADE Downtown, will debut the first quarter of 2019. The line will feature the ultra-poseable seamless body will feature hues of brown and face sculpts not commonly found in the 1:6 figure market. The line will merge the worlds of traditional fashion doll aesthetics and 1:6 figure collectors. Cleve explains, "I wanted to create something for articulation lovers and have a doll without visible joints. SHADE Downtown will bring an Urban flavor to the 1:6 scale figure market along with beauty aspects not always found by 1:6 figure collectors. I've coined the phrase of Urban Fashion Figures for this line as they are not just your ordinary plastic "doll", these figures are definitely in a lane of their own!"